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Budgeted men’s wrist watch brand

Budgeted men’s wrist watch brand

The best international men wrist watch brands are available in the market such as Titan, fast track, Timex, fossil, maxima, and Sonata. Visit cbpocket to get cashback on Men’s wrist watch. There are various benefits that are provided by men wrist watch online. First and foremost, it helps in keeping time. Furthermore, it provides a taste of class as well as elegance. There are various shapes that you can choose from. They include tonneau, oval, round, square and rectangle. The straps are available in the following forms; silicone, ceramic, fabric, resin, platinum, gold, PU, plastic, metal and original leather. Various features are provided such as alarm clock, date function, calendar, barometer, compass, water resistance, chronograph, and altimeter.


  1. Fastrack NG38022PP08 Analog Watch – For Men


Special Price: ₹850

This is an analog watch online which has been provided with green straps. There are huge amounts of watches sold each day around the globe. This is on the grounds that the market for watches is exceptionally well known also avail pocketmoney on the product. Purchasers love wearing watches, as watches can look exceptional in crowd and customers dependably need to look in trendy

2. Maxima 27667PPGW Fiber Analog Watch – For Men



Special Price: ₹553

This is a high-quality watch whose movement is quartz. It is important noting that the watch is water resistant and its strap come in either silicone or black color. It has an analog display. Buy this watch today and avail Cashback

3. Tommy Hilfiger NATH1790471J Analog Watch – For Men

Tommy Hilfiger NATH1790471J Analog Watch - For Men

Special Price: ₹9500

The reason why you should consider the Hilfiger watch is that its versatility is amazing, buy it today and get guaranteed moneyback at cbpocket.com. You can wear it with any outfit in your closet. The stainless steel straps provided in the watch are durable and can withstand everyday pressure. It has a dial which is scratch resistant. It has been provided with water resistance feature of fifty meters depth.

4. Daniel Klein DK11126-5 Analog Watch – For Men



Special Price: ₹1,860


This is a highly aesthetic watch which is long lasting. Its versatility is something that you will enjoy. You can simply wear it with any outfit in your wardrobe. Check cbpocket.com and avail exciting offers

5. LimeStone LS2623~2633 Octan`~PopUp Analog Watch – For Men


Special Price: ₹424


This is an analog watch that comes with high quality with guaranteed cashback. It provides service for a long duration. Its high aesthetic value not only provides a sense of class but also elegance.

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