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Cbpocket brings Women’s Footwear buy online

Cbpocket brings Women’s Footwear buy online

Cbpocket brings Women’s Footwear and Avail Cashback on every purchases. To wear, or not to wear…. Heels, sandals, flats, pumps, boots. The world of footwear is complicated and full of fanfare. What they say is true – a girl can never have enough shoes. No matter how overflowing your shoe closet might be, there’s always a place for one more. Especially if you come across a pair in a showroom with glitzy heels, satin straps and stone sparkles. However, no matter how many heels or pumps or ballet shoes you might own, are you sure you have one of each of the following pairs, for each occasion demands a shoe style of its own… are you sure you have one of each of the following pairs, for each occasion demands a shoe style of its own…

1. Meriggiare Women Black Heels

Meriggiare Women Black Heels

Special Price: ₹799

You cannot go wrong with the classic, black, heeled pumps. These are the perfect shoes for every function, saving you from a shoe catastrophe. Not only are they timeless, they are also sober for everyday wear and, sophisticated enough to pop on at any big do. Check these amazing footwear at cbpocket and get cashback right away.

2. Dolphin Miles Women Black Heels

Dolphin Miles Women Black Heels

Special Price: ₹ ₹549

The classic stiletto sandals with elegant strappings are a great accompaniment at any after-hours party or get-together. Have an office gathering? Slip into those heels. Need a perfect shoe partner for that little black dress for a blind date? Go for those heels! If you can balance yourself on them, go for a pair in a bright, wild color having ribbons and pearl-ties around your ankle. Not only will you look elegant and modish, but everyone will be looking to find out where you got your heels! Buy this elegant footwear and get guaranteed moneyback at cbpocket.com.

3. VAPH Women Verde Flats

VAPH Women Verde Flats

Special price: ₹783

If you need to go on a full-day shopping spree, or a fun day outing with your friends, the VAPH Women Verde Flats are your feet’s best friends. Perfectly classy with their narrow pointy toes, and comfortably low for a day to be spent on your feet, these are perfect to be paired with dark denim, skirts or a short dress. Enjoy the festive season with cbpocket cashback.

4. Get Glamr Topaz Sneakers (Red)

Get Glamr Topaz Sneakers

Special price: ₹539

For a day outing to be spent romping in the gardens for a picnic, or visiting an amusement park, make sure you have dressy sneakers to slip on your feet. Dressy enough that they look pretty on your feet, and comfortable enough you could be wearing trainers, these shoes are a perfect combination of style and ease! Get cashback on women’s footwear on cbpocket.

5. Senorita by Liberty Espadrilles (Blue)

Senorita by Liberty Espadrilles

Special price: ₹782

For days that are too hot to stuff your feet into closed pumps, go for the espadrilles. Also called as ‘wedges’, these shoes are the perfect swap for your favorite stiletto pair, making sure your toes have space to breathe, without compromising on style or sophistication. Do be careful you have one of each kind – the classy Espadrilles, and the casual Espadrilles. Casuals would be more of a thick strappy affair, whereas the classy ones would come wrapped in thin shiny straps which show off your ankles and feet with grace. Visit cbpocket to get the best cashback on products.

6. Klaur Melbourne Boots (Red)

Klaur Melbourne Boots

Special Price: ₹1,124

Who has not had to go out for a do in the rains? However, none of us would risk wearing our expensive pumps or flats in the wet, and let them get soaked through and ruined. That is why you need to invest in a pair of smart boots to keep you looking chic and stylish, without looking silly trying to skip the puddles in dressy heels! Enjoy cashback on women’s footwear from cbpocket.

Carlton London Miss CL Bellies (Bronze)

Carlton London Miss CL Bellies

Special Price: 683

Taken from the classical world of ballet dancing, these shoes add to your style quotient by enhancing the grace of your feet. Their narrow toes and closed shoe design not only add to your elegance, they also provide sturdy comfort through the day! Shop with cbpocket.com and get confirmed pocketmoney.


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