Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What are those notification for?

Emails are notification that you receive when something new that links to your interest comes up or when someone wants to notify you with something. Emails could be used for a lot of other functions but do you actually know how it is being used in

We, in, like to keep our customers informed on their activities that they do. The emails that you receive could be either be a transaction email, this is an email that you receive to show you how much you have earned. You may also receive a referral email. This email will be received when you refer a friend to something and earn a reward once they purchase it. Payment confirmations is another email you will receive which confirms that you got your payment. Some other email that you would receive includes the administrative emails and emails to reaffirm the activities done in the website. All these emails that you will receive are private for you to see and are not shared.

There is one other email that you will receive weekly which is the newsletter. This basically is a summarization of all you best ideas with the aim of helping you save time to find your best ideas. You may choose to not receive this email by informing us in does not support any forms of spamming and it is strongly forbidden in our Terms & Condition. If you suspect any spamming involved and would like to report it, you can contact us and we will investigate it and will take suitable actions to deal with the spamming. 


What are cookies in IT?

A cookie is a piece of document that contains information about your preferences to a website but not only that but any information or action that you did in the website. This then is saved in the website and once you open up the browser the saved information in your cookie will be sent back when you open it up again. This can be a small thing such as the language preferred or the time you went in the website last. The creator of the website will decide what cookie they want in that website.

Cookies will usually contain the name of the domain which is the internet’s location from where the cookie come from, it will also contain the cookies “life-time” which is basically is the time that the cookie will take to expire and also the cookies value which is the cookies unique number that identifies it.

There are two types of cookies used in this website which are;

1)      Session cookies. This cookie is used for temporary information, it is not saved once the browser is close and it is not collected in the user’s computer.

2)      Persistent cookies. This cookie is stored in your computer for a much longer time. It is stored until the user’s hard drive is expired (the lifetime of the cookie).

Cookies are used in a lot of different major website and makes it easier for the website to find out what your interest is based on more quickly.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are bits of information from websites stored on the users’ devices while researching. Please note that any information we obtain through the following types of cookies shall be subject to our Privacy Policy.


Session cookies

These cookies are meant for recording information about your page visits and avoiding the need for entering the details again or logging in. We may also perform statistical analysis to understand how users use our website and improve its structure.


Persistent cookies

These cookies are used for entering your name and cashback balance upon your visit to our website (while checking the "Remember me" option). We may also use any such cookies periodically to uniquely identify you upon your revisit to our website and monitor your use of our website. Thus, these cookies are certainly helpful for us to update specific information on our site and offer promotions based on your interests.


Please be informed that persistent cookies will keep track of the entered details while you are shopping via our website. We may keep your purchase details to enable us to offer you cashback/points. In case you have not enabled such cookies on your computer, you may not be able to earn any points for your shopping via our website.


Managing Cookies: Your browser gives you the ability to decide whether or not to download cookies when browsing the internet. Disabling this will however, would restrict the usage of certain interactive feature of our website.

Note that when certain cookies are disabled, options such as cashback /points that need cookies to track your purchases on our website, will not work effectively.

There are several methods of disabling/enabling cookies. If you are a user who uses our website from multiple devices, you will have to set your cookie preferences accordingly on each device that you use our services.

Manipulating and removing cookies from devices is a straight forward process, an example of this process is, if you are using Microsoft Windows Explorer, the steps that need to be followed are;

1.      Open Windows Explorer

2.      Navigate to search on the tool bar

3.      Type cookies in the search bar for files and folders

4.      Choose ‘My Computer’ in the search location

5.      Choose search now

6.      Select all the folders that are found

7.      Click any cookie file

8.      Press the delete button on the keyboard

If Microsoft Windows Explorer is unavailable on your computer, you can find the cookies through the “Help” function on the application that displays all you system information. website is operated by Xerosoft Technologies 


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